Thursday, July 4, 2019

Betsy Ross Flag " Offends " Kaepernick - Nike Pulls 4th of July Sneaker

Nike - the goddess of victory in Greek mythology and the failure of American patriotism The latest controversy involving ex-NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has us all shaking our heads at Nike in complete disgust yet again. Kaepernick, a Nike endorser, reached out to the footwear and apparel giant letting them know his dissatisfaction with the release of the Nike Air Max 1 Quick Strike 'Fourth of July' USA-themed sneakers. He claimed that the Betsy Ross flag, which is featured on the heel of the new sneaker, was offensive and carries connotations of slavery. Without hesitation, Nike chose to back Kaepernick and cancel the patriotic sneaker release just before the 4th of July. To give some history of Nike, one of the company’s co-founders, Bill Bowerman, was a World War II veteran and one of the original members of the 10th Mountain Division. During his time in service, he was awarded a Silver Star and four Bronze Stars for his efforts in the campaigns in Italy during World War II. Since Bowerman passed away in 1999, Nike has gone way into left field. They have started pushing progressive agendas and bowing to the likes of social justice warriors because they deem something to be inappropriate or racist. Nine Line Apparel, along with relentlessly patriotic Americans everywhere, cannot believe the total ignorance and lack of understanding displayed by both Colin Kaepernick and Nike in relation to our country's Betsy Ross flag, it's symbolism, and it’s deeply rooted meaning. This early design of the American Flag depicts the original 13 colonies and represents a crucial part of American Flag history when the colonies fought against the British for our nation's freedom during the Revolutionary War. It in no way alludes to slavery, rather it is a direct representation of freedom fought and earned by early American Patriots. We are all about your right to protest and your right to free speech, but we are NOT about speech being suppressed because somebody claims it is offensive. Connect with us: 🔗 Facebook: 🔗 Website: 🔗 Instagram: 🔗 Twitter: 🔗 Nine Line Foundation: Where the Journey Began: Nine Line Foundation was founded in 2013 by CPT Tyler Merritt, USA, a member of the Army’s elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. When Tyler and his wife, Angela, created Nine Line Apparel, their vision was simple: to create a high-quality clothing brand to be enjoyed by patriotic Americans around the globe. In the past few years, their brand has grown, and Tyler decided to give back to the community through expanding the Nine Line brand and incorporating the Nine Line Foundation. In early 2013, after Tyler’s West Point classmate, then CPT Edward “Flip” Klein, lost three limbs fighting in Afghanistan, Tyler decided to do the same thing he did as a soldier: proactively look for solutions. In addition to personal support, Tyler got permission from the Nine Line Apparel Board, determining that a portion of all apparel purchases be donated to help defray the tremendous rehabilitation costs of CPT Klein and, in the process, began a journey to help severely wounded veterans regain their lives. Our Mission: The Foundation’s mission is to raise awareness to the needs of our severely wounded soldiers and veterans and to greatly improve the quality of life of our wounded heroes, focusing on the individual needs of each candidate. Our Current Initiative: By primarily focusing efforts on one individual at a time, Nine Line Foundation is able to do more with less. However, when the need arises, we are capable of mobilizing and assisting in more than one project at a time – simply put, we answer the Nine Line. We are thrilled to take on the newest venture of our organization – constructing a transitional community for homeless veterans, a Veterans Village, which will provide training and housing to our veterans in most desperate need. Nine Line Foundation has reached out to the community and has watched the interest grow month after month. From marathon runners to military based motorcycle clubs, to individuals who have never thought about the plight of those returning from combat, people have risen to the challenge and helped Nine Line Foundation continue to raise the funds necessary to significantly improve the quality of life of those wounded in the defense of this country.

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