Saturday, May 18, 2019

German Councils Distribute Beer Coasters Promoting Islam, Offend Muslims

German Councils Distribute Beer Coasters Promoting Islam, Offend Muslims


Sometimes stories make reasonable and logical sense. Other times they’re more convoluted. And then there are stories that are an unfathomable disaster.

As in, why did anyone involved think that this was a good idea?

Local German councils got involved in promoting Islam. They decided the best way to do that was on beer coasters in pubs. Two terrible ideas collided together at 70 KPH.

This is the outcome.

The distribution of Islam-related questions on beer mats in the towns of Maintal and Offenbach near Frankfurt has been harshly criticized. The mats show questions on Islam written in the local Hesse dialect. On the back, a QR code can be scanned that directs mobile users to the city council’s website, where the answers can be found.

The initiative was supposed to promote dialogue and understanding of Islam among non-Muslims.

The technical term for that is Dawah. In non-Muslim countries, it’s not the job of governments. Except, these days it seems to be.

But it does make a kind of sense.

Drunks are the only people likely to believe Islam is a religion of peace.View image on Twitter

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Salih Tasdirek, the Turkish-born chairman of the city of Maintal’s advisory council for foreigners, who has lived in Germany for almost 40 years, believes Islam should not be associated with alcohol.

Apparently that was one of the questions that didn’t show up on the beer coasters.

What are Islam’s feeling about liquor?

Apart from being distributed in pubs, the coasters also show a Bembel on them, a pitcher used for the regional alcoholic specialty that is similar to cider.

The tolerant educators seem to need some educating of their own before they educate the rest of us.

Maintal and Offenbach councils distribute the mats, which were complied by Islamic scholars, in pubs and restaurants. There have been similar initiatives in the southwestern city of Freiburg, where students first came up with the idea, and in the eastern state of Saxony.

And now there will be a round of apologies for the previous round of apologies.

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