Saturday, May 4, 2019

British Activist Sentenced for Denying Existence of Moderate Islam

British Activist Sentenced for Denying Existence of Moderate Islam


No one is put on trial for negative comments about Christianity or Judaism. This unhealthy exception stigmatizes political speech and suppresses criticism of one religion.

Robert Spencer had previously blogged about the Fransen case. This is what he wrote.

What they were really doing was calling attention to Muslim rape gangs, which have operated freely in Britain for years because police and other authorities were too afraid of being called “racist” to do anything about them. But that’s “hostility” to Islam and Muslims, and so Fransen and Golding must be imprisoned.

Now the inevitable sentence is in.

Jayda Fransen, 33, was found guilty of stirring up hatred during a speech about Islam in August 2017.

She was also convicted for separate comments at a peace wall in the city.

Convicting Fransen, of Moat Avenue in Donaghadee, County Down, a judge said her words were “a general, vehement attack against a religious group”.

The speech was made during the “Northern Ireland Against Terrorism” event two years ago.

What did Jayda actually say?

The court heard that Fransen told those gathered at the rally that there was no moderate version of Islam and that “these people are baying for our blood”.

She added: “Islam says every single one of you wonderful people here today deserves to be killed.”

Those attending the rally were then told it was time for the world to come together against “the one common enemy”.

The judge told the court: “I’m satisfied these words were intended to stir up hatred and arouse fear.”

Which of these comments are factually untrue?

The Koran does command the deaths of infidels. The non-existence of moderate Islam is a point asserted by countless Muslim and non-Muslim leaders. Like Erdogan.

“There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it,” Turkey’s Islamic leader has said.

Will the court send him to jail for denying the existence of moderate Islam?

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