Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Features Hijab Model

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Features Hijab Model


The first casualty of culture war is integrity.

The social justice radicals at Sports Illustrated, who now control most sports journalism, want to mainstream Islam. Islamists want to mainstream the Hijab. Both have come together to make a mockery of Sports Illustrated and the entire premise of the Hijab.

This year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue is going to feature trailblazer Halima Aden.

Aden will be the first woman to sport a hijab and burkini in the magazine, which hits newsstands on May 8, SI revealed Monday.

In a photo shared to the official Instagram page for the issue, Aden, 21, smiles while submerged in the water.

Aden found success and broke barriers. She signed to IMG Models after making headlines for competing in hijab at her state’s Miss USA pageant in 2016. She became the first woman to wear her traditional Muslim headpiece for the entire competition, also opting to wear a burkini for the swimsuit round.


If featuring a garment that symbolizes the enslavement of half the population is trailblazing, progress looks like the 7th century.

But the absurdity of both social justice and Islamist posturing leads to this trainwreck of including “modest” Muslim garb in the swimsuit issue which serves neither the core cause of social justice, Islam or the actual purpose of the swimsuit issue.

The next step will be the first swimsuit model in the Swimsuit issue to wear a Burqa.

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