Monday, April 15, 2019

Speaking Truth Boldly

Ronald Reagan spoke truth and called out evil for what it is. His idea of victory against the Soviet Union must be America's idea for victory against the Global Islamic Movement. We win. They lose. Islam and its doctrine SHARIA are evil and barbaric. Most in the West are still ignorant about sharia. Sharia comes from the 1 Quran and the example of Islam's prophet Mohammad who is described in the Quran as a "beautiful pattern of conduct" for all muslims to follow for all times. Mohammad tortured, killed, married a 6 year old, condoned the killing of those who mocked him, and waged war on non-muslims until they submitted to Islam or converted. Liberty is again on the march in the face of this darkness. Understanding the Threat (UTT) believes we must speak truth boldly in love about real threats to our freedom and our way of life. This video is meant to inspire and energize those in the West who love liberty to keep the faith, remain hopeful, and engage the enemy at every level. Victory is at hand. ************************ Go to Get your copy of "Raising A Jihadi Generation" today at See the evidence of the jihadi network in America by picking up your copy of the DVD at

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