Friday, April 26, 2019

No More Popping Champagne for Winning Soccer Teams Over Muslim Sensitivities

No More Popping Champagne for Winning Soccer Teams Over Muslim Sensitivities


Champagne. Like freedom of speech, cartoons and seeing eye dogs, a champagne toast may be one of those sacrifices that have to be made in the name of the goddess of the new age of multicultural man.

Her name is sensitivity. And she is blind because she wears a burka. Here’s her manifestation asanother tradition falls.

The Football Association are to scrap the tradition of awarding a case of champagne to the FA Cup winners out of respect for players’ religious beliefs.

English football’s governing body have a long held tradition of placing a case of bubbly in the winning dressing room on cup final day as a congratulatory gesture to the victors.

But following internal discussions the FA are abandoning the idea so not to offend players whose religious beliefs forbid alcohol use.

It’s lovely of the FA to think of all the Mormon soccer players.

Obviously such accommodations wouldn’t be made for the Mormons. Much as nobody would take hamburgers off the menu out of sensitivity to Hindus or shellfish out of concern for the Jews.

Sensitivity is another name for fear.

The Muslim faith strictly prohibits alcohol, while it is not recommended in other religions. Some players are also tee-total and under the legal age to consume alcohol, further considerations for the FA.

Jubilant scenes of euphoric players spraying champagne around the winning dressing room following victory in the final have become the norm over the years.

But such scenes provide obvious difficulties for Muslim players, even if they do not consume the champagne.

The FA will instead put a case of an alcohol-free champagne substitute in the winning dressing room so players can replicate those spraying celebrations.

An alcohol-free champagne is the perfect embodiment of modern Europe. It has external similarities, but it’s ersatz and unreal.

Do winning teams give up and abandon their victory celebrations?

Is Europe winning or is it losing?

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