Friday, April 19, 2019

FAQ-45: Don't Muslims DEIFY the Qur'an?

Because the Qur’an is eternal, and was sent down either on one night, or over a period of 23 years, every letter and every word, Muslims say, is free from any human influence, which not only gives the Qur'an an aura of authority, but even an ethereal presence. Because of this ethereal presence, there is a reverence applied to the Qur’an which borders on holiness; so-much-so that it must not be laid on the ground or ever criticized (see the 295-C law in Pakistan), and certainly cannot be burned or destroyed (remember the hysteria surrounding the burning of a Qur'an by Terry Jones in March 2011). That is why there was an attempt in 2006 to create an ‘Incitement to hatred law’ in Britain, and similar laws being initiated in the West even today, forbidding any criticism of the Qur’an publicly. It also explains why there has never been a critical edition of the Qur’an, similar to what we have with the Bible, and why Muslims believe historical criticism is reserved only for the Bible. Left unsaid is the glaring irony that the claim for nazil revelation of the Qur'an, comes from one source alone, the man to which it was supposedly revealed, Muhammad. There are no outside witnesses before or at the time who can corroborate Muhammad's testimony; nor are miracles provided to substantiate his claims, leaving the entire authority of the Qur’an on the shoulders of one single man, who could not himself read or write. In contrast, anyone can burn as many Bibles as they want, and there would probably not be any incidents in the news, nor very little condemnations in the church, because the book itself is not what makes it ‘the word of God’, but the message within its pages. In fact, unlike Islam’s penchant for claiming any criticism of the Qur’an and Muhammad as ‘Islamophobic’, an equivalent ‘Christophobia’ word doesn’t even exist, because Christians encourage criticism, confident that both the Bible and Jesus Christ can take any and every criticism. So, what were Muhammad’s qualifications as a true prophet of God? That and other question’s we unpack next. © Pfander Centre for Apologetics - US, 2019 (23,280)

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