Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Diversity in Australia: Sunni Muslims on Trial for Burning Down Shia Mosque

Diversity in Australia: Sunni Muslims on Trial for Burning Down Shia Mosque


Celebrate diversity! Diversity is our strength! And all that. But what happens when you bring in large groups of people who adhere to a belief system that itself does not respect “diversity”? This. And there will be much, much more of it in Australia, as well as many more jihad attacks against non-Muslims.

“ISIS-inspired Sunni Muslims burned down Shia mosque, court told,” by Tessa Akerman, The Australian, April 2, 2019 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Three Sunni Muslim men inspired by Islamic State ideology are standing trial accused of burning down a Shia mosque, in what is believed to be the first sectarian terror act committed in Australia.

Ahmed Mohamed, Abdullah Chaarani and Hatim Moukhaiber are alleged to have carried out a terror act in December 2016 by setting fire to the Imam Ali Islamic Centre at Fawkner in Melbourne to advance Sunni Islam.

Prosecutor Nicholas Robinson QC yesterday told a Supreme Court jury the accused men were followers of the extreme ideology of Islamic State and the purpose of the fire was to “advance the cause”.

“The crown alleges that each accused followed an extreme brand of Sunni Islam and which one of its central aims was waging a violent jihad against its perceived enemies worldwide,” he said….

“There are strong statements as to who are the enemies of the true Islamic State Sunni religion and amongst those of course there’s the materials that will show Christians, Jews, but also Shia Muslims,” he said.

The court also heard an issue of the Islamic State magazine Dabiq featured a piece on “Raffidah” or rejectors. “For a significant portion of Sunni Islam believers, the Shia are seen to be rejectors of the true beliefs of Islam,” Mr Robinson said….

He said Mr Mohamed was recorded talking about Islamic State, questioning whether Sunni or Shia was “real Islam” and referring to the Australian people, then prime minister Tony Abbott and the council member as “kaffir” or disbelievers.

Mr Robinson said the men sprayed graffiti on the mosque, writing “Islamic State” in English….

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