Sunday, April 21, 2019

Bill Warner PhD: The Virtuous Near Enemy

Sign up for Bill Warner's newsletter at Buy Bill's books at: Follow Bill Warner: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Soundcloud: The Virtuous Near Enemy: Since tolerance is the new universal virtue, can you have too much tolerance? Yes, the toleration of evil. When you carefully look at how we are losing the civilizational war, it is always by the hands of virtuous people. It is good decent Kafirs (non-Muslims) who advance the Sharia. Our civilization has two enemies: the far enemy is political Islam and the near enemies are Islam’s apologists. The apologists use tolerance to deny the suffering caused by political Islam. Transcript: "I was at a party that included the near enemy of our civilization. These are good people mostly Christian. They're virtuous. They don't lie. They don't cheat. They don't steal and they get most of their news from the mainstream media who consisting of NPR and The New York Times. These people however are the true strength of Islam and do all the actual work of destroying our civilization. People such as myself well I'm a hater. Why am I a hater. Because you see I hurt a protected minority Muslims and how to hurt them by talking about Allah and Mohamed. But these people the virtuous know that good Muslims are just like them and those jihadi. Are not real Muslims at all. And the problem with Islam is simple. We've not done enough for Muslims. And as soon as we do enough for Muslims all good will follow. Now there's something peculiar about these virtuous people. They are Christian but they care not a whit for the persecuted church is not a topic of discussion in an inner part of their politics. They don't think about it. And although many in this party were women these women have no concern for sex slavery rape wife beating female genital mutilation child brides and polygamy. They responded Well we've done worse you know. And besides that these events don't happen for them because they don't happen in the New York Times and NPR. Their ethical code is primarily one of silence and denial. They just don't read bad news they only read good news such as found in the mainstream media. Now there's one source in Islam that they will believe anything that's said and that is from a Muslim because they don't like. So therefore a Muslim would lie. They have no need to read the hadith. They have no reason to know about Mohammad or Allah because all of the truth of Islam will come via New York Times and NPR. Now that they know that Islam is good and they know that because New York Times and NPR Tell them that but they also know that the person such as myself is evil I'm a bigot a racist and a hater. Why nothing to with facts. It's just that I say things that make Muslims feel bad and if I make a minority feel bad and Muslims are a minority then I am a hater and a bad person. Now for them believing a Muslim feels good so therefore it is good. This is all about feeling. There is a reason why these nice people do not oppose political correctness because they are the ultimate politically correct people because they know if they do anything that offends a Muslim they will be labeled a hater and those who oppose Islam are bad. Those who agree with the York Times and NPR are good because you see they care about victims and Muslims are victims. And if Muslims are upset that's bad. Now these apologists do the actual work of Islam. I became acquainted with this when I worked with the school textbooks and found out that all those who are presenting these new textbooks which glorify Islam they are doing the actual work of Islam. They are the apologist for Islam. These virtuous people so the virtuous people are bringing Sharia to America and they feel good about it. They're annihilating our civilization but they feel good about it because they're virtuous people. So these virtuous people are the tool of Islam's destruction of our civilization. Odd isn't it. But no matter how you make people feel it needs to be based on facts. Thank you."

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