Thursday, April 4, 2019

An Introduction to the Internal Critique of the Qur'an

Since September 2018 we have uploaded over 40 ‘Frequently asked Questions’ (FAQ) episodes on to our Pfanderfilms site, trying to respond to the myriad of questions Muslims pose against Jesus Christ and our Bible; yet, within a 5-10-minute soundbite, a sort of defense of the faith. We used the ‘3-C’s, attempting to always be ‘Quick, Concise, yet Comprehensive’ in our response (okay, so we can’t spell). Now, however, we are moving from the defensive, and on to the offensive, looking in particular at the Qur’an. But, not at the External, Historical critique of the Qur’an, something Al Fadi and I already did in the summer of 2018, and also at the ‘banned’ lecture I gave in Hong Kong in November of 2018. We will come back to that external critique in the months ahead. What we would like to do now is to apply an ‘Internal Critique’ to the Qur’an, addressing questions about the internal makeup of the Qur’an. These would include questions concerning its Revelation, its Inspiration, and whether it is a universal document (i.e. whether its views on women and violence, two areas everyone is questioning today, are relevant for everyone, everywhere, and at all times). We would also like to question how it was collated and ask Muslims what they should do with its many internal contradictions, coupled with the problems surrounding the law of abrogation, and its many errors (both historical and scientific). Finally, we want to critique the many sources for the Qur’an, asking where exactly they were borrowed from, and why. Because we are going on the offense once again, we know that there will be a strong adverse and vitriolic response from Muslims. And that's fine, as we want to hear your responses. That is why we haven’t blocked the ‘comments section’ at the bottom of each of our videos. We want both Muslims and Christians to speak out, and begin to engage with each other by debating and discussing, without mocking, what they are hearing. Hold us accountable to what we are researching and what we are saying. For those of you who would like to support us, remember that those of us working on Pfanderfilms are not salaried like a typical business. We are dependent on funds being sent in monthly by Christians who desire to support our ministry. So, if you are a Christian, and would like to support us, feel free to go to the ‘Patreon’ button located on the upper right-hand corner of our ‘Home page’, click on it, and follow the directions there. For those of you who do not like ‘Patreon’ there is a second ‘PayPal’ button which you can click on as well. God bless you all as you engage with us, and as we continue to seek the truth, using this Pfanderfilms YouTube channel. © Pfander Centre for Apologetics - US, 2019 (22,730)

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