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Abbas Lies to Harvard Students About Accepting Jews and Christians in a Future Divided Jerusalem

Abbas Lies to Harvard Students About Accepting Jews and Christians in a Future Divided Jerusalem


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has been saying one thing to Palestinians and another to American audiences. Abbas has declared that “not a single Israeli” will exist in future Palestinian state.


It actually should not be any surprise. What remains surprising is that anyone would expect him to do anything different.

Deceit is an established tactic used by jihadists to fool infidels and lure them to trust them, much like a predator giving candy to children. Western non-Muslims are still falling for this. Islamic deception is becoming well known in the West; Abbas’ words here are an exhibit of it.

“Abbas Sends Contradictory Messages to American, Palestinian Audiences,” Breaking Israel News, April 8, 2019:

When talking to a group of visiting Harvard students last week about a future division of Jerusalem, Palestinian Authority leader Abbas declared that “the holy sites will remain open to the three [monotheistic] religions at all times. It will be forbidden to prevent any person—Christian, Jew, Muslim—from going and performing his religious rituals.” (Official P.A. TV, March 24, 2019).

Palestinian Media Watch has shown that these remarks directly contradict previous statements made by Abbas, in which he explicitly called for Palestinian violence to prevent Jews from going to Judaism’s holiest site—the Temple Mount. The P.A. chief has repeatedly said that the entire Temple Mount belongs to the Muslims alone, and that the Jews “have no right to defile [it] with their filthy feet.” (Official P.A. TV, Sept. 16, 2015 and official website of P.A. chairman Abbas, Sept. 16, 2015). In 2015, he explicitly called for violence to prevent Jews on the Temple Mount, saying he blessed “every drop of blood spilled for Jerusalem.”

In 2014, Abbas called for Palestinians to “prevent” Jews from “defiling” the Muslim and Christian holy places, urging his people to “prevent them” (the Jews) from entering the Temple Mount. Official P.A. TV, which is controlled by Abbas, emphasized the importance of this statement by rebroadcasting it 19 times in three days. Fatah rebroadcast this speech again on July 15, 2017 and Nov. 28, 2018 on their official Facebook page.

Abbas’s tolerant statement to the American students also contradicts the policy of his advisor on religious and Islamic affairs, the PA..’s Supreme Shari’ah Judge Mahmoud Al-Habbash. Just last month, Al Habbash condemned the European Union for using the term “Temple Mount,” thereby acknowledging the Jewish connection to the site and the existence of a Jewish Temple in the past, instead of only referring to the location with the Muslim name “Haram al-Sharif,” the Noble Sanctuary.

He demanded that the “E.U. re-examine this statement, avoid harming the Palestinian people’s rights, and retract this term that inherently implies recognition of the occupation state’s right to Jerusalem’s Noble Sanctuary (i.e., Temple Mount), to which the Palestinian people and its leadership firmly object.” (WAFA, official P.A. news agency, March 25, 2019).

P.A. government spokesman Yusuf Al-Mahmoud stressed this fundamental P.A. ideology that the P.A. does not limit its “Muslim ownership” to the Al-Aqsa mosque structure but rather claims the entire Temple Mount compound as part of “the Al-Aqsa mosque,” and “belonging to Muslims only.” (Official P.A. daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Feb. 19, 2019)

On Feb. 18, 2019, Muslims stormed the “Gate of Mercy,” an area on the Temple Mount that had been sealed off by an Israeli court order after being used by Hamas and the banned Islamic Movement to teach hatred and incite violence. In response to the arrest of several people who participated, the following day, P.A. Jerusalem District Governor Adnan Ghaith proclaimed that the “blessed Al-Aqsa mosque belongs to the Muslims only, and that the steps of escalation against the Al-Aqsa mosque harm the sensibilities of the people of Jerusalem.” (Official P.A. daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Feb. 19, 2019)

Echoing this claim, Al-Aqsa mosque preacher Sheikh Muhammad Salim, repeated that “the Al-Aqsa mosque belongs solely to Muslims.” (Official P.A. daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, March 2, 2019)……

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