Friday, January 25, 2019

Sword and the Crescent

Along with detailing new groundbreaking research on the uninspired origins of Koran stories and the corruption of early Koran manuscripts, this film also covers: offensive warfare, Muhammad's immorality and ruthlessness, errors of the Koran, Muhammad and the Bible, absurd Islamic teachings, and Muhammad's demon possession. Featuring interviews with experts on Islam such as David Wood, Jay Smith and Anthony Rogers. 3 hours and 42 minutes Contents: Introduction: 00:00 - 03:01 Muhammad's Immorality: 03:02 - 24:51 Muhammad's Demon Possession: 24:52 - 31:51 Errors of the Koran: 31:52 - 52:00 Islam's Absurd Teachings: 52:01 - 59:09 Islam and Offensive Warfare: 59:10 - 01:31:14 Muhammad and the Bible: 01:31:15 - 02:42:14 Sources of Koran Stories: 02:42:15 - 03:00:23 Textual Unreliability of the Koran: 03:00:24 - 03:30:51 Salvation and Conclusion: 03:30:52 - 03:42:34 And my instagram: Keith.Thompson.2028 Category Education

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