Saturday, January 5, 2019

Bill Warner, PhD: Self-Taught about Islam

Those who teach themselves about Islam are called ignorant, since they taught themselves. A theological school teaches religious Islam, not political Islam. Universities do not teach about the evil of Islamic politics and a history of persecuting Kafirs. But if you choose to learn by your efforts, you are told you cannot possibly understand it, yet an illiterate Muslim can. Islamic doctrine consists of Koran, Sira and Hadith. The Sira is a biography and the Hadith is a collection of small stories about Mohammed. Anybody can understand Mohammed’s life and hence, understand Islam. The only part of the Koran that matters to a Kafir is the part that deals with them. Any Kafir can understand what the Koran says about him. When people say you cannot educate yourself about Islam, what they are really saying is they are afraid or too lazy to read for themselves. If you cannot teach yourself then no need to try. But today anybody who can read can understand political Islam. Here is a Video of a Demonstration against the persecution of religious minorities and some lessons that were learned. VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS CHRISTIAN RESPONSE TO ISLAM Political Islam Book Store MUSLIM BELIEF Lord Pearson About Political Islam Dr. Bill Warner Political Islam Youtube Channel Follow Political Islam on Twitter Learn Political Islam Political Islam and Islamism Follow Political Islam on Gab Follow Bill Warner PhD on Facebook VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS CHRISTIAN RESPONSE TO ISLAM

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