Saturday, January 5, 2019

Bill Warner, PhD: Intolerance is a Virtue

Tolerance is a virtue and intolerance is hate, or so we are told. This ideology has led to the toleration of evil. After all, who wants to be a hater? Those who condemn the evil caused by the doctrine of political Islam are called intolerant and haters. But we must realize that intolerance of evil is a virtue. Things to be intolerant of: killing Christians and Yazidis in the Middle East and Africa; jihad of rape, inbreeding, child marriage and female genital mutilation. To reduce human suffering, we must all become intolerant of eviL. Political Islam Book Store MUSLIM BELIEF Lord Pearson About Political Islam Dr. Bill Warner Political Islam Youtube Channel Follow Political Islam on Twitter Learn Political Islam Political Islam and Islamism Follow Political Islam on Gab Follow Bill Warner PhD on Facebook VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS CHRISTIAN RESPONSE TO ISLAM If you like my channel, click the notification bell. Sign up for Bill Warner's newsletter at Buy Bill's books at: Follow Bill Warner: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Soundcloud: Minds: Gab: FreeZoxee: Category News & Politics Islam Political Islam Mohammedanism Mohammedans Muslim Muslims Moslems Moslem Islam Left Democrats Leftism Marxist INTOLERANCE IS A VIRTUE POLITICAL ISLAM DR BILL WARNER BILL WARNER PHD BILL WARNER CSPI USA CSPIIN

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