Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Bill Warner PhD: Forbidden to be Afraid

If you like my channel, click the notification bell. Sign up for Bill Warner's newsletter at Buy Bill's books at: Follow Bill Warner: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Soundcloud: Minds: Gab: FreeZoxee: There are people who can be assassinated because they offend the Sharia. But in today's politically correct society, to be afraid of anything Islam is proof that you are a racist, or crazy and an Islamophobe. We are supposed to self-censor and never speak of our fear. Facts that offend protected groups are “hate facts”. If we cannot self-censor then the web overlords and the SPLC will censor us. What is happening is that rational thought is being murdered. However, fear is good and can preserve us from harm. We have a right to fear. We have a right to exist, but this right is being denied by the powers that be. In spite of this oppression, we must speak truth to power.

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