Monday, December 24, 2018

Is Islam a Violent Religion and Muslims Identify with Terrorism Is It Fact or Fiction?

Is Islam a Violent Religion and Muslims Identify with Terrorism Is It Fact or Fiction? Part 5 We continue in this month’s article with the conclusion of Myth #2: “Is Islam a Violent Religion and Muslims Identify with Terrorism.” (From “Myths and Facts about Muslim People and Islam” Myth #2 stated: There is also a perception…that Muslim groups and leaders do not sufficiently denounce acts of terrorism. A 2011 Pew survey found that about half of all U.S. Muslims said their own religious leaders have not done enough to speak out against terrorism and extremists. However,…there are many Muslim heads of state, politicians, organizational leaders and individuals who regularly condemn these acts. …Further, thousands of Muslim clerics worldwide passed a “fatwa” (i.e. Islamic legal opinion) against terrorist organizations such as ISIS, the Taliban and al-Qaeda and requested that these terrorist groups not be branded as “Muslim organizations.” Our response is this is exactly what we call the perfect example of taqiyya as it is written in Qur’an 3:28 where Allah taught the Muslims to lie to protect themselves from the infidels in America: ^28Believers do not take the infidels for friends, rather than the believers, and whoever does this so he has nothing to do with Allah, except that you should guard yourself from them, cautiously…. First, we have to understand that Muslim leaders in America do not denounce acts of terrorism because that is what they actually believe. The writer of this myth forgot to mention that Muslims celebrate all acts of terrorism in the West and around the world. As for this propaganda fatwah, which we have seen many times in the last thirty or so years, it was written by the same people who celebrate such acts of terrorism. For example, in a video in the English language, a Muslim imam condemned the 19 hijackers of 2001. Not only did he condemn them, but he cursed them to hell, calling them ever wicked name. If you watch the video, you will love the Muslim imam. However, a little later, the same imam was speaking in the Arabic language to a Muslim audience and praising the very same 19 hijackers. He congratulated them for their reward given to them by Allah as he quoted the verses of the Qur’an and the sayings of Mohammed in the hadith to support his sermon. Then he called on the rest of the Muslim nations to rise up to follow in the footsteps of these 19 heroes. So, which is the true side of the Muslim imam? Islam is not what people say or do but simply what Allah and Mohammed said and did. Therefore, ISIS, the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and all other Muslim terrorist groups are the true picture of Islam. Do you know Islam? Have you read and studied the life and history of Mohammed and Muslim believers? We encourage you to examine the teachings of the Qur’an to know the truth for yourself. Myth #2 continued with: Muslims are also subject to increased incidents of hate crimes. In 2014,…the number of hate crimes targeting Muslims grew from 135 in 2013 to 154 in 2014. And this is most likely an underrepresentation of the number of Muslims targeted because the numbers reflect only those crimes reported to police. Our response is that hate crime in America is the normal way of life in the Muslim world. You can actually see this in any Muslim family in the world. I am shocked that the Muslim propagandists counted 154 hate crimes in 2014 in America against Muslims. How many of the 154 ended in death? The answer is none. Let’s choose any of the 57 Muslim countries in the world and there are 154 murders on any given day, that is Muslims killing non-Muslims or even killing other Muslims. Christians are treated by Muslims with hatred everyday all over the Muslim world, so that number of hate crimes is in the millions not just 154. Christians are being killed and their women are being kidnapped and raped with the blessing of the word of Allah in the Qur’an and the command of Mohammed in the hadith, but there is no support of such hate crimes in American throughout the teachings of the Bible. Do you know every time I speak and share the hate which Muslims are taught from birth in the Qur’an and in the hadith, Muslims and liberals alike in America call me a hate minister? Then Myth #2 ended with: …terrorist attacks in the United States have been committed by extremists who have adhered to a wide range of ideological beliefs including the Ku Klux Klan, white supremacy, anti-government, Islamic extremism and others. No one ideology is responsible for terrorism in the United States. All hate crime in America is the result of sin in the life of individuals. As for hate crime which is committed by Muslim believers, it is not a result of Muslim extremists or Muslims “who have adhered to a wide range of ideological beliefs.” It is simply in direct obedience to the commands of Allah in the Qur’an as interpreted by all Muslim scholars, with one range of ideological beliefs as it is understood and practiced with the noble example of all Muslim believers, that is the false, self-proclaimed prophet of Islam, Mohammed, as is taught in his teachings (hadiths) and in his actions (sunnah) as well as it has been observed in the life of Muslim believers in the last 1400 years. The best evidence of this is to read our accurate translation, The Generous Qur’an, which is available on our website:

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