Sunday, December 30, 2018

All The Things That Satan Does (Ridiculous Islamic Teachings)

Mohammed gave us great wisdom, 1400 years ago, about all the scientifically proven acts that Satan performs in our daily life, including filling our ears with urine. Beware of Satan. Don't let him sleep inside your nose. Sources below. Support AP: Patreon: Paypal: AP Merchandise: Twitter: Facebook: Minds: Bitchute: (auto-upload) Intro & Outro Visual + Intro Music, made by Egyptian Atheist ( All sources: Satan laughs when you yawn: Bad dreams from Satan: Bell is Satan’s instrument: Satan touches babies: Donkeys bray because they see Satan: Satan eats food from ground: Satan eats with left hand: Satan steals food: Satan ties knots when you sleep: Satan pees in your ears: Satan rests in your nose: Black dog is a devil: Satan watches you have intercourse: Satan gives you ideas: Women come in shape of devil: Satan makes menstruation bleeding worse: Satan roams among Muslims who pray: Satan likes poetry: Satan makes you forget: Satan "passes wind" during call for prayer: Category Education

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