Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Original Sources Of The Qur'an: Its Origin In Pagan Legends and Mythology

Tisdall's classic work explores the sources from which Muhammad borrowed the ideas and narratives and precepts he has incorporated into the religion he founded. Which of these were his own invention, which of them were derived from earlier systems? To what extent had he the means of learning the teachings of those who professed other religions than his own? If he borrowed from other systems, what particular parts of the Qu'ran can be traced to such sources? How much of the Qur'an is due to the character of Muhammad himself and the circumstances of his time? Paperback: 200 pages Publisher: Alev Books (February 21, 2014) Language: English ISBN-10: 0988125250 ISBN-13: 978-0988125254 REVIEW This is a brilliant book originally written in the 19th century by a historian fluent in middle eastern languages including Arabic. It shows how Muhammad compiled the Qu'ran and developed Islam from various sources and influences of the 7th Century. I am a Christian and having read the Qu'ran, biographies etc wanted to know where Muhammad got his ideas from because it was certainly not from the Holy God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and was not a continuation of the revelations of established scripture. The author takes various stories, rites and rituals from the Qu'ran and Ahadith and compares them with the pre-Islamic source which Muhammad would have heard in his capacity as a travelling merchant. THERE IS NO WAY ON EARTH THAT THE QU'RAN IS THE WORD OF GOD and all Muslims are believing lies and as such are risking their ETERNAL future on the work of a poor orphan who managed through charisma, lies and the sword to manipulate a following. This work exposes Islam for what it really is and that is a mixture of false religions and lies. Seriously people I would hate for anyone to suffer but ETERNAL punishment awaits everyone who rejects the truth which is Jesus. Jesus fulfilled over 300 prophecies, but there is NOTHING in the Bible about Muhammad yet Muslims believe in him and not Jesus. If in your heart you cry out to Jesus He will hear you and answer you but if you cry out to Muhammad you will get nothing even he on his death bed wasn't sure of his own salvation. I strongly suggest that the genuine searcher read the Bible then the Qu'ran and this book and ask yourself which is really the word of God.

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